At KIST, we believe that change begins with education. KIST offers several unique graduate-level programs for domestic and international students to gain knowledge and practical research experience, in order to equip them with the foundation to succeed as scientists and engineers in this specialized area of science and technology. Research trainees from partner universities around Korea and students of UST and IRDA are carefully placed in the research center which corresponds to their respective field of study. By opening up opportunities for students to immerse themselves in science and technology research under the close supervision of their advisors, KIST aims to foster future technology leaders for a brighter future.


The University of Science and Technology (UST) is a graduate-level educational institution founded jointly by 22 public universities and research institutions located around South Korea. It was established by the Korean government in 2003 as a graduate school specializing in science and engineering. Currently it ranks as one of the top science and technology universities in Korea, along with KAIST and POSTECH.

KIST is a member institute and offers its campus to give UST students an opportunity to participate in research projects and industrial site operations to receive in-depth field and research-oriented education and training in their respective major disciplines.

Prospective students from outside of Korea interested in UST are encouraged to apply through KIST’s International R&D Academy.

For more information on how to apply,   UST SITE