Star Post-doc. Program

The goal of 'KIST Star Post-Doc. Program' is to nurture professional research manpower by joining young, creative and active researchers together with existing researchers with experience through research collaboration and activities.


A person with a Ph.D. degree who has professional knowledge and passion

Research Areas

Related research fields with subordinate research departments of KIST


KRW 52million (approx. USD 45,000) per year

Welfare Benefits

  • Basic health insurance and workers’ compensation insurance
  • Annul physical check-up (fully paid by KIST)
  • On-campus housing for single applicants and on a “space-available” basis for applicants with spouse

Terms of Contract

Maximum 4 years (The initial contract term is for 2 years, and the contract is extended yearly based on performance evaluation.)

Method of Recruitment

Recruitment begins with an announcement of an open position on our Website, 2 times a year during the time listed below:

  • The first half of the year: March ~ April
  • The second half of the year: September ~ October

Within the period stated in each announcement, send an email to to state your interest in the position. KIST will send a reply e-mail with explanation and direction to apply for the position. Submission of application is only allowed during the time stated in each announcement.

Selection Process

Detailed process will be further notified when job openings are posted on the Website.

  • Step 1: Application Screening
  • Step 2: Interviews
  • Step 3: Background Check