Kwon Hak-cheol

Natural products are the gift that nature presents to us for our healthy lives.

Natural products may serve many roles, not only with their inherent components, but also in partnership with changing health technology. Currently, many researchers conduct research activities in various areas to find methods to sufficiently and properly utilize natural products. As an agency specializing in natural products research, Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) Gangneung Institute of Natural Products has been asking what researchers and companies will need and be most curious about regarding the development of new natural product materials. As a part of this effort, the KIST Gangneund Institute of Natural Products has successfully constructed a library of edible natural products growing in Korea.

The natural products library refers to a group of actual research samples and relevant information organized into a database in which various extracts, fractions, and ingredients, originated from plants, animals, microorganisms, minerals, etc., are procured and stored in uniform specifications. The characteristic of KIST's natural products library is that it focuses on securing extracts of domestic plants whose anti-inflammatory or neuroprotection effects are outstanding or that can be used as raw materials for food, and organizes their sample information and component patterns. Such a characteristic is designed to provide diverse information on research samples and assist efficient performance of research activities of those who utilize them through distribution and donation of the samples. Research institutions and companies may utilize the library samples and analytical devices owned by KIST Gangneung Institute of Natural Products in order to conduct research on plant components that vary depending on growth environment or cultivation conditions, and to develop functional cosmetics, food, and natural product medicine.

KIST's natural products library will consider the areas of utilization from the sample procurement phase to make significant contributions to the growth of Korean bioindustry. I kindly ask for your continued interest and utilization of the natural products library here at ​KIST Gangneung Institute of Natural Products. Also, I would like to extend my utmost gratitude for the professors, researchers, and herbalists who have actively participated in the establishment of the natural products library.

Your support will be of a great aid to all researchers who continue to work hard for acquisition and common utilization of useful data and, furthermore, creation of value of natural product resources in Korea.

Operations and management administrator of KIST natural products library Kwon Hak-cheol