How to commission research

Request through Administration Team
If a consignor inquires KIST Gangneung Administration Team regarding technology to be acquired, the Administration Team will take measures to allow relevant researchers and consignors to meet and discuss. Then, details and expenditure of research will be finalized between the consignor and researcher and a contract will be signed after going through an internal procedure.
Directly requested to responsible researcher
If the consignor knows the researcher at KIST Gangneung who owns the technology to be acquired, he/she may discuss the project with the corresponding researcher, who then must finalize the details and expenditure of research before going through the internal procedure and signing a contract.

Research request

For the results or resolution of difficult technologies that a consignor (company, organization, or individual) wishes to obtain in the process of R&D and commercialized product development, an expert in the corresponding area is matched and the following research services are provided.

Service types

Consignment to the industries
Scale of research: Research projects worth more than 50 million KRW each year
Major details: Signing of a separate research contract for assistance of developing technology that the industries wish to obtain
Support process

Industry consignment research - Research expenditure for industry consignment research is specified as 100,000,000 KRW annually. :Request research > Discuss project with researcher > Finalize details and expenditure of research > Internal process (Research review committee) > Sign contract > Perform research > Complete research

Small-scale research service
Scale of research: Less than 20 million KRW
Major details: Provision of services through a research service contract when requesting relatively simple survey, counseling, and/or testing analysis
* Analysis service: Utilize advanced analyzing devices to support organic and inorganic chemical analysis, ultrafine surface analysis, nanostructure analysis, protium analysis, etc. and educate on knowledge accumulated throughout the analytical technology
Application process

Small-scale service - Small-scale service research includes services for relatively simple surveys, counseling, testing analyses, etc., and is specified to be less than 20,000,000 KRW in cost and within 6 months in duration of service. : Request small-scale research service > Discuss research details with researcher > Finalize details and expenditure of research > Internal process (Internal process) > Sign service contract > Perform research > Complete research

Participation in research

Support participation in cooperative, consigned and joint research for agency-specific projects and government-consigned projects conducted by KIST
Service type
Invitation for consigned assignments among KIST's agency-specific projects (announced in the beginning of each year): research cooperation for national research development projects
Ministry of Science and ICT and other ministries: cooperation/consignment
Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy: joint/participation