Master’s and doctorate programs for university-industry joint research

KIST’s master’s and doctorate programs of university-industry joint research is a program through which KIST, whose primary work is research, and universities that focus on fostering talent cooperate with each other to seek differentiated curriculum from existing programs and nurture new research-centered advanced technical talent.

KIST, a leader in performing such university-industry cooperation activities, established the nation’s first university-industry cooperation research curriculum with Korea University in 1991 and has signed partnerships with 14 universities, operating various forms of master’s and doctorate programs in cooperative research.

In 2004, one year after the proposal to install the institute was approved, KIST Gangneung Institute of Natural Products signed an agreement with Gangneung Wonju National University (Gangneung University at the time) on installation of master’s and doctorate programs in university-industry joint research, serving as an axis of fostering outstanding science and technology talent in the region.

Operation system

Fundamental subjects are enrolled in the university while, at KIST, students participate in research assignments and thesis research for degrees. Professors of KIST and the university are both responsible for instructing students.

Admission - KIST : Recruit and issue letters of recommendation, Admission assessment (University-industry operations committee) / Partner university :  Admission process
. Student guidance
- KIST : Lecture on special subjects, Participate in research projects, Guide experiments and exercises / Partner university : - Lecture on fundamental subjects
. Graduation -  KIST : Publish on SCI journals (doctorate), Present certificates of completion of degree programs, Graduation assessment (University-industry operations committee) / Partner university : Conferment of degre

Advantages of master’s and doctorate programs in university-industry joint research

Students in KIST’s university-industry joint research curriculum have an opportunity to participate in large-scale national research projects performed by KIST, the nation’s top-level research institute, as members of its research team. Also, with a goal to publish their theses on international academic journals listed on SCI (Science Citation Index), they are to take on the challenge of writing high-quality academic theses under the guidance of KIST professors.

To allow students to focus on research and lectures, university dorms (excluding residents of Gangneung area) and scholarships are available to the students enrolled in the master’s and doctorate programs in university-industry joint research at KIST Gangneung Institute of Natural Products.

Recruiting departments and qualifications for application

Chemistry, biology, food science, marine biotechnology, marine application biotechnology, horticulture, biomolecular engineering, civil engineering, dentistry

Admission schedule
Admission schedule
Category Recruitment period (Gangneung Wonju National University)
1st half recruitment 2nd half recruitment
Recruitment announcement mid November mid May
Document registration mid November to late November mid May to late May
Interviews early December early June
Issuance of letters of recommendation mid December mid May

Contact: Administration Team (033-650-3413)