Center Introduction

Laboratory of Biomodulation researches many topics including but not limited to biosynthesis of active compounds in natural resources, relationship between structure and bioavailability of a single compound, and interaction between active compounds and target proteins in vivo. The team works on developing natural products that are in compliance with the international standard. The team contributes in advancing regional industry by increasing region specific natural products value in the market.

Main Reserch
  • Platform development for evaluating bioavailability of natural products
  • Processing technology development that increases bioavailability of natural products
  • Interaction between natural products and intestinal microflora based on integrated omics
Dr. Pan, Cheol-Ho photo
Head Team Leader Dr. Pan, Cheol-Ho
- 2002 Seoul National University Ph.D
- 2004 KIST Enter a company
- 2014 Biomodulation Head of Team
- 2016 Systems Biotechnology Research Head of Center