Center Introduction

Natural Constituents Research Center is established for the purpose of single component based research in natural products for advanced technology in natural products R & DB program. Under the vision of the leading group, that can propel natural products into the future core bio-industry, we will develop first-in-class natural medicinal/food candidates. In order to maximize the effectiveness of natural products, we are investigating structure elucidation of biological active constituents, molecular transformation, new secondary metabolites exploration, standardization of natural products, and biological defense mechanisms of natural constituents.

Main Reserch
  • Natural constituent transformation and expanding diversity of bioactive compounds.
  • - High-throughput identification of natural constituents and global standardization of botanical dietary supplements or active pharmaceutical ingredients.
  • - Discovery of food, medicine and cosmetic candidates using constituents of natural products.
  • - Exploring new secondary metabolites derived from natural sources.
Dr, Kwon, Hak Cheol photo
Head Dr, Kwon, Hak Cheol
2001 Sungkyunkwan University Ph.D
2006 KIST Enter a company
2016 Natural Constituents Research Head of Center