With the aim to serve the local community, KIST Gangneung Institute of Natural Research (INP)
will become a leading institute in the field of natural resources.

We discover and study domestic, natural resources that can be developed into drugs, medical devices, supplements and more to enhance our medical preventive programs. Korea's medical preventive programs address the chronic conditions that are widespread in the aging society of Korea and improve quality of life. With our deep knowledge and integrative understanding of these natural resources, we are able to accurately evaluate the efficacy of each material to maximize the benefits and minimize the costs. Our research ranges from fundamental search of wild products to commercialization of fully manufactured goods.

We standardize and systemize the abundant natural resources found specifically in the Gangwon region to extract scientific information. With such information, we are able to contribute to the development of next generation agriculture technology.

In response to the 4th industrial revolution, we aim to successfully introduce a novel paradigm of research on natural resources by establishing the KIST Natural Resource Library. We do so by utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to further analyze the different characteristics and functions of each material, and developing ICT-based farm technology (smart farm) to become one of the world's leading research institute in the fields of natural resources.

​ As a government-funded research institute located in Gangwon province, we strive to support small and medium-sized businesses, vitalize the local economy, foster local scientific talent, and promote science and technology awareness.

Our R&D infrastructure and capabilities, accumulated through 17 years of experience, have secured our place as one of Korea's most respected research institute, enabling us to pioneer new innovations that will further contribute to our nation’s development.

We thank you for your continued interest and support for KIST Gangneung INP.


Joonyeon Chang Ph.D.
Director General “KIST Gangneung Institute of Natural Products”,
Korea Institute of Science and Technology