Natural Products Research Center

The main goal of Natural Products Research Center (NPRC) is to become a leading global center not only in the field of natural products research but also in agriculture, ICT, and environmental science. The center has been setting a new research platform utilizing convergence research method. NPRC has 3 teams doing research on Biomodulation, Aging Intervention and Natural Skinnomics. Each team handles every aspect of natural product research from core-technology development to industrialization.

Main Reserch

  • - Plant factory system development to produce high value-added natural products
  • - Natural products library establishment and its management
  • - High throughput screening technology for bioactivity of natural products based on iHTac system
Dr.Nho,chu-won photo
Head Dr. Nho, Chu Won
TEL. +82-33-650-3651
FAX. +82-33-650-3679